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Eine Baustelle mit Blick gen Süden

Von der Bauernhausruine zum Eigentumshaus auf dem Wassergrundstück

Sanierungsprojekt mit Traditionsgehalt

building site shortly after purchase During one of my first visits on Berneray I noticed an old ruin just around the corner from the hostel along the beach. It was no more than a pile of rubble on the last Farm at the end of the road.
Soon afterwards, during my second visit, I was suprised to find a southerner from London walking about the area and throwing glances at this heap of stones - thinking about buying the patch of land and building his own place.
beginning to take shape ... And this he did. He came back with his camper and a friend and they began rebuilding the old croft house almost from the scratch. Unfortunately, I didn't start taking photos until considerable changes were noticable, but ever since I did.
Going to see them was always one of the first little rituals after arriving on Berneray.
 It has been extremely comfortable in the warm camper (which stood sheltered between the walls of a former stable right next to the building to be) and being always welcome it was a memorable finish after a days walk, coming back across or circumrounding Sand Hill and ending up with a Hebridean "wee" dram 'n cha'in away for quite some time until long after dusk.
 Every year there are changes, it is looking more like a house by now.
 His wife and a wee cat (who lived in the cupboard for the first few month before making the aquaintance of the neighbouring sheep, sea birds and dogs) came to complete the new family
on Berneray.
summer 1999: back on Berneray,
not only did they finish the causeway, the "house-'round-the-corner" almost has got a roof! Unfortunately this is the first year where there was no chance of visiting the three of them.
 summer 2000: the caravan's inhabitants hospitability is gone because they moved inside the new house, the roof is finished. Second year I didn't really dare disturbing them in their new home.

summer 2001: The outside is finished. Third year I didn't dare knocking at their door. Something has changed on the island...

... Flora does not fit in
the cupboard anymore ... :-)
she has become an outdoor adventurer ...

... and watching the whole family - all the many legs of various origin - going for a walk ... it is worth stopping and taking in the enjoyable sight ...

spring 2002:
The inside is almost finished, too. I've hardly ever seen an interior of a croft house so craftfully designed, traditional, modern, but before all local - a wonderful home and soon a great place to spend a night or two on Berneray. A spectacular view over the Sound of Harris and towards North Uist. A B&B Promotion Website is said to be up in the near future.
Flora has got a companion - "Finn" or "Fhinn" ?, a very friendly creature, in sharp contrast to what lives just next door.

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