Renovierungsarbeiten im Haupthaus der Jugendherberge
auf Berneray 1997/98

Renovation in the main building of the Berneray hostel

left: Graham McDonald (V) , Martin K.,
middle: Graham McDonald, warden, right: warden
partitioning off the bedroom in the main building for reasons of noise reduction and decrease of dampness caused by extensive cooking during high season
left/middle: warden on top of the inside door above the porch of the main building
right: Graham McDonald and hostel warden: extremely chuffed about the result and wondering what to put underneath the partition ... against the empty looking wall ... perhaps ... a new foodshelf!!!
left: the wall underneath the new partition
right: same wall at the evening of the famous

the "Berneray Hostel Fantastic Puppet Show"
We had the carpenter (Marc from Scotland), we had the intention of constructing a shelf, but we onl yhad a pile of drift wood combined with a some left over bits which didn't really help much, we thought, however... we were wrong.

left: after a wee while of thought, Marc started measuring, hammering (right) and join(er)ing, ...
... and what was looking like useless wood before did now turn into an extremely good looking new foodshelf allowing quite a few hostellers to "park" their shopping bags and boxes.
final touch up
and provided with a "wee dram" we all felt quite satisfied with the shelf and ourselves
swapping carpets after cleaning them in fresh air
painted walls in the "birds 'n bees"- suite,
new heater, and newly painted info shelf
fitting doors to the kitchen shelf ...
undigging the sewage pipe
pondering about how to fix the sewage pipe
wheely basement concrete basement of shelter for wheely bins
cleaning the hostel before repainting it "waterworks" - preparing the outside walls for repainting
getting wet a little ourselves instead of cleaning the walls cleaning the tools
mixing cement

filling the drafty gaps
mixing concrete and closing the numerous inofficial entrances at the back side of the hostel for the various insects and thereby considerably reducing the draft at night
blue collar fashion show painter's fashion ...